Refund and return policy

If you are not satisfied with the Aellstyle product purchased from the website, please contact [email protected] to contact our customer service.

You can exercise your rights to refund the products purchased on the website within 7 (7) from the date of purchase.

The product must be returned in its original state, and its complete original packaging, not opening and sealing, and any accessories related to the product (including promotional gifts).

It has decided to determine whether the product is returned in its original state. The returned products are incomplete, damaged, damaged, worn, and unsaled or used products will not be refunded.

For any losses, delayed transportation or delivery of any losses that you want to return to the website, the responsibility and responsibility of delayed or delivery of transportation or delivery, it violates all responsibilities and responsibilities.

If you exercise the right to return the product, we will refund all the payment we receive from you, including in all cases, up to 14 (14) from the date of your decision, from your decision you decide you to decide you you After the decision, the order is canceled up to the maximum 14 (14) calendar days. However, before receiving the goods or users provided evidence to prove that the goods have been refunded, we can detain any refund until it first meets the goods.

After receiving the product, we will use the same payment method to buy the above refund.

The right to cancel the contract according to this section is only applicable to products specifically purchased from the website and should not be applied to products purchased in physics stores.

Return easily according to the following steps.

Start the return

Return to the project through my order page/screen.

Arrange delivery

One of our courier services will arrange pick -up services.

Return project

The parcel in its original state was not opened and handed over to the express representative.

Refund processing

After receiving your return product, we will check and process your refund.

If the return is caused by the consumer, consumer should be responsible for the shipping fee. The specific fee should be based on the express company you choose.

If due to our reasons, the goods received are damaged or not correct, and the consumer is not required to bear the shipping fee for this reason.